How to build a Successful Brand in 2021

By providing value for the ecosystem that your trying to reach

mocanu gabriela mariana

5/4/2021 2 min read

Do that by providing value for the ecosystem that your trying to reach plus making a clever commercial.

Building your Brand is the single most important thing in business.


You don’t want to be as good as your last sale, you want the people come back to you, and that you achieve only by Branding.

In 2020 the mobile phone was the TV and the Tv was the radio, and this trend will last!


Start using the power of the internet combined with the global billions of global mobile phones connected to it.

It takes time but, the singular reason that will make you sell more, it’s too don’t try to do it.


Just create content and commercials to educate your audience and with your Brand also the earnings will rise.

Even if some of the people out there have other opinion, you should be online on all the options available, the trending, the new, the old.

You have to post good content and post it as regular as you can.


Do not worry for the quality of the content, if you are very perseverant and you are loving your Brand and your work than for sure you will release the best content that you will be able at that moment in time.

 Stop working with the unknown, take a risk in your terms, that you can manage, and then you will see if you can make it or not.

Win or lose, you will have a point where to start for the future projects in that niche.

Start different projects with different approaches, compare the results and see how to go further.

Do not be afraid to lose what you can afford, be afraid for not doing nothing.

Think more about Branding, not about selling, take what you learn and keep finding ways to transact, in this way you will build your Brand and increase your sales on the long run.


The beauty of the digital area is that you don’t need to waste your money, the internet it is a powerful market place.

You should advertise 100e on more platforms, compare the results and from there, using the analytics, decide which one was better for you and use it to advertise more money.

Do not invest 700e in Facebook ads and after the campaign end, and your advertisement was o failure, start blaming the Facebook platform, saying that is not good.

The issue is not the platform, for sure is the quality of your ads, the wrong message sent or even the wrong audience targeted.


Stop complaining, all the internet is full of complains and no body try to take the unlimited solutions that can be found on the same online environment where you can see the complains also.


Let’s take Google My Business directory as an example, you can create for free an account and the persons in your area will find you on the first page of Google, they can see information’s, prices, working hours, they even can just press the map button and google maps will bring them straight to you.

And all of these for free, while others have to pay hundreds of dollars, or even more, just to be advertise.


Start your online journey today.

Go to Linked In and post a really good educative article, it will bring you more leads than the 100e that you spent on your google ads account.

Organic traffic it’s always the greatest thing that you can bring to your business online presence.