2021 Digital Marketing WHY?

Why to use internet even if you don’t like it? Why to use social media even if you don’t believe in it? Why to use Digital Marketing even if you don’t understand it?

mocanu gabriela mariana

5/4/2021 1 min read

The longer you think this world do not exists, the longer that you avoid to put money in it, others are taking all the value!

“My target audience is not online, is to old”. “My business doesn’t need internet”. “Tv is better”.

There are a lot of excuses that you can find to not invest in internet, online presence, online advertising.

You don’t need to like it in order to work for you! You just need to use it, in order to increase your sales and your brand awareness.

You don’t need to believe in it to use it, most of it can be used for free, start from there, give it a chance and you will understand why you need it; how many persons rely on internet daily.

The mobile is the TV of our Era! We have to work, we have to socialize, we have to stay informed, over 50% of the websites world traffic in 2020 was from mobile phones!

Nobody watch tv as before, in the publicity time the users are on the mobile, on social media accounts, seeing that advertising, not the one from tv!

You are making the judgement on the focus group of one, what you don’t realize is that online platforms can offer you a huge real active audience, ready to buy from you, or to use your services.

The most important aspect to understand is to see where is the general attention in 2020, and where it will be in 2021, and that’s the internet, the online platforms, the social media networks.

Don’t try to like it, just use it to evolve your business and get it to the next level, guide it to the future.

A lot of opinions that lack the reality out there, check the numbers, don’t like it, hire someone to use it properly, but start to gain profit from it.

The technology is not going back just because you don’t like it, and the billion of active users will not quit to use the social media networks because you don’t think you cant sell to them, even Steve Jobs was wrong thinking that nobody will use a larger display than the one iPhone 4 used, stop ruin your business.