Creative advertisement and the human brain

When you are using just the creative people to create your advertisement you will find your biggest problem.

mocanu gabriela mariana

5/4/2021 2 min read

When you are using just the creative people to create your advertisement you will find your biggest problem.

Not being able to connect the strategic plan of the left brain with the emotional expression of the right brain, using a rational strategy that have a good explication, it will result in a multitude of nice and visual powerful ads, without a strategy and without a chance to success.

We are seeing daily around 5000 ads, in different forms.

When a person is reading an article and an ad appears, his concentration is disrupted.

Only if he sees something interesting, captivating, in the ad, he will shift his attention to it, and possibly will research further more about the product, service or the Brand advertised.

To shift the attention of a person and to make that individual concentrate on your ads, you don’t need just a good visual advert.

You also need to understand the culture of the target audience, in order to be sure, you will make a good connection to attract his attention and his intention to learn more an buy your product.

The effect of a good advertising should be according with the needs of the business but also to interact with the needs of the persons that will see it.

Visual, emotional and intuitive ads, keep it simple and stupid, are the ones that bring leads and conversions to your business.

The creative engagement can be measured different from brand to brand, but the influence of the brain response to advertisement can't be denied by nobody.

Most of the marketers only enter in the 5% conscious part of the brain, while the other 95% of unconscious part, the part that drive choices and actions, remains not disturbed.

As an example, let’s check ‘the Rock’ Dwayne Johnson, the real deal, retired wrestler, actor, producer, influencer, businessman, and former American football and Canadian football player, with a tremendous nr of followers.

All his success was possible due to his emotional connection with people, his life story, his positive attitude, perfect physique, and do to the fact that everything he did he approached his marketing campaigns with the willing of being successful but also with something real to offer to his audience.

 Hi is from the people for the people kind of guy and that sky rocket him to be successful in every project that have been involved in.

Only 30% of our behavior and decisions are driven by rational consideration, and the other 70% are based on emotional factors.

The online advertisement world its growing and changing fast, if you really want to be successful do not try to get conversions with only a glowing and perfect ad, understand and connect with the human brain, from there start your marketing journey with research and a real strategy, emotionally  focused on the targeted audience.