Take your business online with LOW OR NO BUDGET!

A Quick “how to Do it” List!

5/4/2021 1 min read

You just opened your business and you need all the attention you can get.

Assure yourself that you will have a good online presence.

With all this mobile phone connected to internet, it’s a must to be represented online, in Cyprus or International, your business need online presence.


Chapter 1 – How to go online for free

First steps that you need to take are going to cost you just some time and research:

Facebook Page

Google My Business

Linked In


Tik Tok




Create the profiles, add all the about info, add business hours, address, services, your story and everything you do try to keep it simple and honest.

Start to post daily at least 2 times on each of the profiles, educate your audience, talk about you, your brand and your services.

Do not be afraid to write or video record, just be open and do not try to sell, in stead just spread the word about the business and educate as much as possible in the simplest possible way.


Chapter 2 – Create your Website

Every respectable business owns a website, and that is because on the social networks everything you post belongs to the network, and everything you will post on your website it will be yours, and will be there as long as you want.

With the website you have 2 options, design it yourself or hire a professional.

Depending on your budget you may want for the start to keep it low cost and go for the self-design.

You will find lots of tutorials and websites that offer free domain names if you pay your hosting for 1 year, with website builder included.

I can recommend Hostinger.com, they have fair prices, good speed and you will have access to one of the best site builders.


Be sure you keep your text simple and clear, any one should be able to understand what you offer, way the need it and how to get it from you.

Use your keywords in articles, use original content on each page of your website and be sure you will use simple web pages titles and descriptions, as they are the ones that will appear on google search and they will influence the people to access your website or no.


Chapter 3 – Online advertisement

You may want to go further and don’t rely only on organic search and social media, so you will have to use a service like google ads to advertise your business to the desired audience.

Just be sure you will use a simple and cleat ad text; you will have a call to action button and research very good your targeted audience so you can keep your cost low and your conversion rate as high as you can.

Do not go to the top-rated keywords, as your CPC cost will be higher, try to use medium range keywords and in this way keep your costs low for the start.