Why you need a website in 2020

4,57 billion people are using internet in 2020, they are searching, sharing and they are hangry for more.

mocanu gabriela mariana

5/4/2021 1 min read

Increase your business credibility

Educate your clients

Get shown on the local business searches by using local directors

Promote your business

Expand your reach local and international

Save money on printed and distribution cost

And much more!


In 2020 its more relevant then ever to have a website updated and to connect it to your social media accounts.

You do not own the posts from the social media, but you own 100% what you are posting on your own website, your window to the world.


4,57 billion people are using internet in 2020, they are searching, sharing and they are hangry for more.

Be visible to local, national and international market by simply create or hire somebody to create for u the website that u deserve.


In the ERA of voice search, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, we are living in a world that has changed and has shifted more then ever to the online environment, you should have an online position.

Think simple, if you ask someone about a shop there repair tv-s, or were you can find better fishing tools, even if they do not know will takt them only few seconds to search it on google and point you to the shops with the best reviews, or to the shops in your area that offer you this services / products.

In the same way your business could be found and you will see more customers find about you just with a simple listing in your local directory, like Google My Business.

What Google My Business do, its verify your address and your business, and list it as a local shop in your area, after this when someone is searching for a candy shop lets say, and your candy shop business its in their area, google will show your business as the closest one.

The most important thing in the online area its the organic reach, this means that after a short search over the internet you can optimize your website and your local directory listing and have some new leads for free, with just some time spent and with the gain that you put your business online, were is the attention, were everybody go to find answers.